Betsy: Professor Trent Schmitt’s companion on a summer solstice Baltic cruise, and the wife of a fellow faculty member.

Jennie: The woman whom Trent meets at a charity dance and falls in love with on the dance floor during what develops into a sensual Rumba.

Gabbie: Trent’s aggressive and sexy ex-girl friend who helps him conduct a research project stirring old passions.

Melinda: Trent’s confidant, advisor in matters of the heart, and long term friend.

Clare: Professor of history and philosophy, and Trent’s stern mother.

Jacob: Trent’s capable and enthusiastic laboratory assistant—his “Lab Rat—”who uses his intellect, creativity and cunning to protect his boss’s back.

The Microbe: Toxoplasma gondii, a single-celled organism that has solved the problem of getting from one cat host to another by causing infected rats to be attracted to cat odors. In an odd twist of biology, the organism also affects the behavior of  humans, although subtly, causing women to be more outgoing, friendly, and generally more attractive to men.

Gerhard: Gerhard Moncovich, a rival professor of biology who claims that Trent’s research program is a nefarious scheme to use Toxoplasma gondii to engineer millions of desirable women.

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